Ruth Apter Raku Sculpture

One Hundred Horses ceramic animals and tiles are all raku fired in my custom designed kiln using some unique techniques that I have developed along with my friend and mentor Jaime Ellsworth. My electric kilns are sheltered outside under a simple roof with a gravel floor.

I fire outside all year, rain or shine, in heat and cold. Only the truly cold and windy days keep me from firing.  *

Since my animals and tiles are small I fire many more pieces per year than most raku artists do. When working with a new design or glaze I play with the range of techniques I have developed. I’ll test the effects of several firing temperatures and how long I reduced the piece in the smoldering whole oats I use as a combustible.

I have been amazed that I am able to raku fire my designs that have delicate horns, antlers and tails with little to no breakage.

Raku is exciting to produce. It is dangerous.
It is elemental. The interplay of
earth, water, fire, smoke,
wind & chance,
a raku artist’s dance.

Raku Designs 100 Horses Sculpture












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